Ноя 06 2017

Bowling Jokes.

 Bowling Balls

A little old man boards a bus with a bowling balls in each of his front pockets. He sits down next to a beautiful young blonde lady, and she can't help but glance quizzically at the man and his bulging pockets. It's an uneasy few minutes before, finally, the little old man can take no more. "Bowling balls," he nods reassuringly.
The blonde seems a little shocked, and stares on. Moments later, she says: "Does it hurt as much as tennis elbow?"

Half An Hour Late

A couple of weeks ago, I practised bowling with a new member. We had fun during the practise, so I asked him if he wanted to practise next week. He said: "Sure, but I might be a half hour late."
The following week he shows up right on on time, and we practised, this time he plays left-handed. I asked him if he wanted to practise again next week. He replied: "Sure but I might be a half hour late." I then asked him :"How come some times you play right- handed and other times, left-handed." He said :"When I wake up in the morning and my wife is sleeping on her left side, I play left- handed and if she is on her right side, then I play right- handed." I then ask ;"So,what if she is laying flat on her back?" "That's when I'll be a half hour late!" he replied 


хорошоплохо (никто еще не проголосовал)

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